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Printable Blackjack Strategy Card

Printable Blackjack Strategy Card Info…

Hi there…so you’re interested in learning how to win at blackjack?

…well damn…then I suppose you’re also interested in learning

KILLER strategy for actually having a chance at WINNING at Blackjack?

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mickey Carbone…the most famous underground

“unknown” on the felt from the days of the sharks and girls.

So you wanna play blackjack?

You wanna learn how to PLAY LIKE A PRO?

You wanna actually WIN money at the game?

Well, then it all first starts at learning basic strategy, my friend. Goole ‘ole Capone used
to say know your game before you play. Well, he’s right…so come along now, and start at
where you need to start. Access the free basic strategy interactive bootcamp on this site.

Capone and I ‘ll see ya on the felt, my friend.

…and tell Lucy I say “hey there, sugar plum” when you see her outside of the Flamingo…

To help you start WINNING at blackjack, Mickey provides his website visitors INSTANT access to FREE
blackjack strategy flashcards you can start using today…and they work FASTER & EASIER than those
horrible STRATEGY CHARTS! Yuuuuuuuuk! This is actually FUN! Thanks Mickey!

-Mr. T (Monte Carlo floor hounder)

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